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  • People’s Perception
    I live 1800 miles from all of my direct family, I have our entire marriage of almost 16 years. My family really doesn’t know my husband, they refuse to come here and we only have been there a handful of times in our marriage. Yet they all have their opinions, they’re entires to them, but […]
  • Team Work
    Since getting sober my husband has been very dedicated to the gym. I’ve never been one for athleticism, but I watch my weight with counting calories the best I can because sweets are definitely my downfall in life. In December I started lifting with him and it was really good for our relationship. I started […]
  • Boundaries New and Old
    With my husband a full blown alcoholic, me trying to work full time, go to school for my masters and raise the kids the best I can in the day to day crazy that comes along with alcoholism, my once innocent little sweet daughter became a dating teenager. The first boy friend dad actually approved […]